Sunday, February 6, 2011

32 Unusual Things I missed about Claudia

- "you know what?"
- "a lot"
- the way her mouth moves when i say something that flatters her and I can clearly see she is melting inside.
- the way her legs laugh
- giving her a back massage. she always makes me feel like i'm a master masseuse
- i missed seeing her every day after practice
- and going for coconuts. she finally convinced me to eat the meat of the coconut
- lying in bed with her in the middle of the afternoon
- long walks
- "Mmmmm", the way she appreciates tasty food
- talking to her now about yoga (my new-found passion)
- things that happen after a good back massage
- her now-wavy hair
- her silk dresses
- sitting with her in the morning
- coffee with her
- watching tv with her
- "honey, I think i'm falling asleep"
- i miss her saying, "i'm going to miss you so much"
- i missed going to the same place every day (tailor) for basically the same errand. There's something meditative and relaxing about it.
- the way she was on my birthday right before sleep
- long kisses
- waking up next to her
- finding her in the shala every morning and watching her practice
- the way she laughs at my jokes. i feel like the funniest man alive.
- kissing her neck while lying on top of her
- spanish lessons from the queen
- setting up showers for her
- taking walks by the river with her
- riding in on the train with her
- mutual guest-posting on each other's blogs
- seeing her in front of me

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  1. Also: "I think my nose is bleeding" when I play the facebook trailer.