Saturday, November 13, 2010

32 Unusual Reasons I Love Claudia

- She doesn't mind going to bed at 7pm occasionally.
- She got me into yoga
- She got me more focused on meditation
- She says "thank you" everytime I take her out to dinner
- She makes my kids laugh
- If she wakes up first and then I wake up and come downstairs and see her, she is very very happy to see me and usually jumps up and kisses me.
- When she laughs, every part of her body moves
- She wanted to move to Cold Spring from NYC
- She has given me good advice on my writing
- She is always up for a game of ping pong and her game has improved to the point where she occasionally wins
- I trust her completely
- She goes into the city with me even if I have to go in at 5 in the morning
- I love her blog. Each post inspires me. Its the most professional blog I've ever seen.
- I like walking with her to the river. She is so appreciative of our life together it makes it easier for me to enjoy moment by moment, instead of being bogged down in my usual stresses
- Its easy for me to make her laugh.
- I love hearing her speak in Spanish
- She is very dedicated and loving to her family in Argentina
- She loves her friends and has kept important friend relationships for decades
- She is so appreciative of every little thing I do, even driving traffic to her blog
- She doesn't drink alcohol. This got me to stop drinking, even casually, and is a much healthier way to live
- She listens very attentively when my kids talk to her about very important matters
- She likes the pictures of me as a baby
- I like the picture of her as a young girl. She's very cute and I can see her personality in her eyes
- She is the most non-judgemental personal I know. She tries very hard to find the best in people and if she can't she says, "god bless them" anyway.
- She wants me to drink as much water as possible.
- She wants me to have more greens in my diet. I think I will probably end up living longer because I am with her than I would have otherwise.
- She helps me define and achieve my dreams, bit by bit.
- I love when she gives me Spanish lessons.
- I love going to the library with her
- Its always exciting when we go to new places. We travel very well together
- She gets sad when I want to read message board posts that bash me.
- I love seeing her reaction when I do anything with the intent of making her happy.

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  1. Honey you are melting me here... I adore you :-)